DEADLINE: 19 April 2017

An eclipse that never goes away.

Penned by some of the city’s finest writers (Mike Akers, Sharon Clark, Katherine Mitchell and Samuel Edward Taylor), ‘The Day That Broke’ is an ensemble piece connecting 6 different stories that revolve around a solar eclipse. The various characters, on a number of timelines before, during, and after the event each respond differently to it - and indeed, those timelines become different worlds since the eclipse, mysteriously, never ends.


A Community Feature Film

Screenology and Engage Theatre have set themselves an audacious challenge - to make a large scale feature film in 100 days and with no budget.  Director Tom Brereton Downs describes the process of working as "Possibility Filmmaking'.  Every element of the challenge (the short time frame, the lack of the resources, the 100+ non-professional actors etc.) is received with the question "how can we make this work?".   And it is clear this project can only be pulled off with the support of the community. 

The Making of the Day That Broke

CHANNEL INTRO : Meet Pete.  He will take you on a daily tour behind the scenes.  

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About Screenology

Based in the heart of Bristol, Screenology is home to the filmmakers.  We are a production company and film school.  We have set out to establish an exciting, progressive organisation immersed in the future of filmmaking.

Staffed by industry professionals and our best students, Screenology Studio is innovative, accessible and able to deliver extraordinary work for even the smallest (and some cases non-existent) budget.